Our Lady’s appearances and national tumult

Reenactment of the appearance of Our Lady of Good Help

There just might be a connection between Our Lady’s appearances in history and major events in the area in which she appears. Elaine Krewer, in a blog yesterday, makes several such comparisons, including today’s controversy between Wisconsin Gov. Walker and public employee unions.

That’s a very interesting insight, about Our Lady appearing at the time of great national upheavals. I might add to Elaine’s post that the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico in 1531 came just as the Protestant movement in Europe began to gain ground, with many Catholics being converted to Protestant beliefs.
The apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe led to the conversion of millions of Mexicans, almost overnight. It was if Our Lady was opening the door to millions of more Catholics to make up for what was lost in Europe at the same time.

Read Elaine’s post on the American Catholic blog, as well as that of David Hartline on the same website, “At Marian Apparition Locations, Great Trials & Tribulations Often Occur Before & After.”

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  • Elaine Krewer

    Thanks for the plug there Kevin!

    Although I’m from “south of the border” myself (i.e. Illinois) I think that as the first official, approved apparition of Mary in all of the present day United States, Our Lady of Good Help should (and someday will) have a special place in the hearts of all Catholic Americans.

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