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Mystical Church in Manhattan

A pilgrimage can be made not only to a site of an apparition, but to a church with a statue of, say the Blessed Mother. This article is about St. Agnes Church in New York City.

Saint Agnes Church in 43rd Street between 3rd Avenue and Lexington in Manhattan was my former parish Church for many years.  But I recently found out that one of my prayer colleagues today was also a former parishioner of Saint Agnes.  In talking, we found that we had the same recollection of Saint Agnes Church.

Saint Agnes Church was an old Church, but was burned by an accidental fire in about 1991.  It was the only Church in New York where I have seen a young lady in intense prayer cry in front of a saint’s statue.   It was also the Church where a woman who was advised to have an abortion, saw a holy card fall from nowhere and land in front of her.  It was a holy card of St. Dymphna.  The woman had a good delivery and named her child Dymphna after the saint. Continue reading Mystical Church in Manhattan

Eight Miles by Foot

Next week, pilgrims from the Hispanic Catholic community of Green Bay will make a walking pilgrimage eight miles east. Their destination is the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion, WI. For many, it will be their first visit to the site of the approved Marian apparitions. The procession will center on [...]

Man discerning priesthood reflects on Shrine celebration

The Mass and procession were a beautiful experience for the many pilgrims Monday at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help. Read about the event by a man named Ken who is discerning a call to the religious priesthood, at Mary has been taken up to heaven; the angels rejoice.

Ken has also [...]