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A glimpse of heaven changes lives

He saw himself in a tunnel

He had no more fear of death

This past Sunday a visiting priest at Mass told the story of a teenage boy who, having been diagnosed with lymphoma at the age of 15, lived only two more years. But before he died, his windpipe swelled up, causing a near-death experience.

He felt that he was in a dark tunnel, and there was a voice that said, “Are you ready to die?

“No, he said. I have too much to live for.” Then the voice said, “Go in peace.”

After that, his mother recounted that he was at peace for his remaining two years, and had no fear of death.

It’s amazing that people who get a glimpse of heaven see things differently. Amid all of life’s worries and even short-term joys, they get a sense that their true destiny is heaven, and they then live their lives here on earth with a new sense of priority.

When the three children of Fatima saw the vision of the Blessed Mother at Fatima  in 1917, with her admonition to pray the Rosary, the oldest child, Lucia, entered the convent. The other two changed their ways, too, before they died before the age of ten. Continue reading A glimpse of heaven changes lives